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Measuring MS ( DH2 l IMH )
High-precision non-contact depth measurement is possible with observing the surface of measuring point, by very simple operation, without personal equations.
  • Hisomet is a non-contact depth measuring microscope system.
  • Designed based on an optical type focal point detection system.
  • Adopting precise focus indicator, it ' s possible to measure height, depth, steps, etc. with observing the surface of measuring point, by simply coinciding the halves of an index graticule (Target Mark).
  • Since there is no concern for physical damages such as distortion, blow or nicks to a specimen because of non-contact system, Hisomet is optimum for measuring electronic components such as ICs or high-precision processing parts.
This microscope system offers a precise focus indicator consisting of an index graticule (Target Mark) and a beam splitting prism built into reflecting illumination optical system of microscope.

And it has been designed based on the optical principle that at just focus status, of which the upper and lower halves coincide, can be observed above the focused image of a specimen, and that when defocused even slightly, the index line is split into two lines in the upper and lower halves of the graticule.

  • Under Defocused condition, horizontal centerline of Target Mark splits into two lines in the upper and lower halves.
  • Under Just focus condition, the upper and lower halves of Target Mark coincide.
This chart and mathematical formula mention how accurate human eye ' s ability to distinguish 2 points is.
This chart and mathematical formula mention how accurate human eye ' s ability to distinguish discrepancy between 2 lines is.

The chart and mathematical formula show that distinguishing 2 lines is approx. 3 times sensitive than distinguishing 2 points, because of human eye ' s structure.

  • An exact focal point is secured by confirming that the vertical index lines in the upper and lower halves of Target Mark coincide with straight lines exactly, rather than by making judgements as to whether image of a specimen surface is blurred or not.
  • Since this is a unique system that is neither affected by the focal depth of objective lenses nor dependent on the ability of the human eyes to distinguish two points, a focal point can be determined very accurately as compared with other focusing systems.
  • This focusing system and the digital gauge allow non-contact, high precision measurements of step heights between surfaces.

Using a specimen having steps on it, let ' s measure the height of difference between H1 point and H2 point. At H1 point, after getting just focus condition by coinciding upper and lower Target Mark, then travel a stage horizontally to H2 point, then coincide lower and upper Target Mark again to get just focus condition at H2 point. Z-axis indicator reads the height of H2 point, which means the difference of height between H1 & H2.

Actually, Z-axis indicator reads the traveled height of main body of microscope itself from H1 point to H2. Therefore, reset the value of Z-axis indicator zero when getting just focus condition at H1 point, then traveling to H2 point to get just focus condition again. Z-axis indicator reads the value how much it moved vertically, which means the difference between H1 & H2.


As a focal point is detected under the non-contact optical method, measurements can be taken without being affected by physical damages to a specimen such as distortion, blow or nicks, etc. In case of contact system, since the point contacted is sagged if a specimen is soft, accurate measurement is difficult. In case of non-contact system (Union ' s HISOMET series), accurate measurements can be taken without being affected by physical damages to a specimen.

  • Since the precise focus indicator based on the “ split-target ” method has been adopted, highly-accurate depth measurements can be taken simply by coinciding the two halves of Target Mark.
  • As the operation is so simple like a microscope, this is the most suitable measuring microscope system for various kinds of applications.
  • Both measuring from high place to low place, and low to high are possible. (Z-axis value of H1 minus the one of H2 = height or depth to be measured.)
Steps of lead frame  

Measurement of steps between die pad and outer lead. The automatic type of DH2 is adopted as the Japanese leading lead frame manufacturers.

Curvature of lead frame Projection of head on the VTR drum
  • Curvature can be inspected by measurement of
    several points.
Terminal steps on multi-layer PC board Depth of metal mold
  • Measurement of thickness of electrode
  • Measurement of abrasion loss.
Height of bump  

Height of bump

Height of bonding wire and solder ball Electron gun
  • Curvature can be inspected by measurement of several points.
  • Measurement of depth of electron gun for CRT
Depth of rod lens and connector

Thickness of spacer (Clearance gap between glass substrates.)

Probe Height (Checking the degree of Wear & Tear)
Groove Depth of Openning Section on Can Top Electron gun
  • When the groove is too shallow, it is very
    difficult to open the can. When it is too deep,
    the cover comes off too easily.
Lead Frame Step Height Step Height (Bearing of Motor)

Protrusion Height(Video Head) Arm Height (HDD)

Measurement of a gap in Liquid
Crystal Display
Measurement of depth of minute opening

Measurement of thickness of wiring patterns
on PCB
Measurement of etching amount (depth)

Measurement of depth of trench structure Measurement of film thickness

Thickness of solder cream Height of minute structure

Measurement of glass defect Measurement of height of COB (Chip On Board)

Measurement of depth of punch mark Measurement of degree of evenness

Measurement of plastic molded component Measurement of depth of scratch on metal surface

Measurement of parts of micromachine Measurement of depth of corrosion on metal surface

Measurement of height of foreign body  

Example of Integration into Equipment/System


With DH2/IMH, it is possible to observe measuring point while measuring.


Still Higher Accuracy can be achieved by use of PLLWDM100X

  • Highly magnified image facilitates judgement of Target Mark coincedence, eliminating the possibilities of judgement errors.
  • deal for observation of fine materials.

Operator may choose between the two kinds of target marks in accordance with reflectiveness of the object. It is also possible to have an image without Target Markat the time of photographing or TV monitor observation.

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