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Zoom Microscope ( DZ4 l SDZ2 l DZ2IRV.IRT l IMS Series l MCB-1 l UWZ210/285 )
Measuring MS ( DH2 l IMH )
  • Lightweight /Compact
    Reviewing all the design of optical system to realize lightweight compact body Being easier to be implement into equipment as optical head
  • Zoom Ratio 12 (0.83X to 10X)
    Enhancing lower magnification side to get wider viewing field Enhancing futher workability and efficiency
  • Various kinds of objectives (5kinds)
    Magnification range covers 0.42x to 70x with these 5 objective Sample observation can be realized under optimum conditions such as high resolution, long working distance or wider viewing field
  • Motorized Zoom
    Motorized Zoom is a standard function, and a motorized bracket is available as an option
  • Option
    ※ Motorized fine focus bracket
    ※ Diffuse illumination
    ※ Partial shied illumination
    ※ Ring light
Specifications of Main Unit
Correction system Afocal
Zoom Ratio 12
Image Size Φ 8mm(1/2 CCD application , with C-Mount)
Weight 1,250g (exclusive of objective, camera & LED)
Illumination System Standard : Coxial Reflecting Illumination
Optinal : Partial shied illumination, Diffuse illumination, Ring Light
Specifications of Objective
Objective Optical
N.A W.D Resolution Focal Depth Weight
ZC5 0.42~5x 25.2~300 0.01~0.07 45mm 33.69~4.92 ±2774~59.2 190g
ZC15 1.25~15x 75~900 0.03~0.2 46.2mm 11.18~1.68 ±305.6~6.87 150g
ZC30 2.5~30x 150~1800 0.06~0.36 35.25mm 5.59~0.93 ±76.4~2.09 396g
ZC50 4.16~50x 249.6~3000 0.1~0.45 14mm 3.36~0.74 ±27.52~1.35 250g
ZC70 5.83~70x 349.8~4200 0.14~0.7 7.1mm 2.4~0.48 ±14.05~0.56 550g
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